Thanks to our Key Community Partner

Logo of Renfrew Park Community Centre

Thanks to our Harvest Moon Sponsor

Rock 101 logo - Vancouver's Greatest Hits

Thanks to our Wellness Partner

Quantum Care logo. On the left side there is a white and golden enneagram designed with a golden triangle at the centre, and within the triangle, there is a cube that could almost be seen in 3d.

Special thanks to our partners

Logo of Renfrew-Collingwood Food Justice
Logo of Collingwood Neighbourhood House. A group of 4 sketched characters in dark blue, holding each others hands and the writing of "Collingwood Neighbourhood House is under them)
Logo of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Logo of Collingwood Community Policing

and Our GEnerous Funders

Logo of Canadian Heritage and the Government of Canada. The word CANADA is written in black with the Canadian flag laying on top of the last 'a' in Canada. The Canadian flag is two strips of red that are vertical, with a red maple leaf in the middle.
Canada Council for the Arts logo. The name of the entity with a drawing of a sketched tree in black on the left side.
Logo of British Columbia Arts Council with an orange triangle that has multiple edges, and the logo of the Government of BC with a blue body of land and mountains at the bottom, and then a ray of dark yellow sun rays coming at the top of it.
Logo of City of Vancouver Greenest City, with two sketched trees next to the Greenest City, each of them is drawn in a different shade of green. Where the City of Vancouver name is written in blue and light green, with a design on the top left corner of it that could be a representation of flowers.
Metro Vancouver Logo. With a circle on the left side of it that represent blue water (ocean) green mountains and then a white mountain in the back. The logo also says "Services and Solutions for a Livable Region"
Logo of Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation. A green circle with sketched blue water filling the lower half of it, and then a sketched light-green grass coming from the bottom of the circle and to the right side of the water.
The logo of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, with a green square on the left side of the name and the letters T and D written inside in white
The Hamber Foundation Logo. With the letters H and F in grey colour surrounded by a yellow glow, and with two plants coming from either side. The logo also says "Bettering the Lives of British Columbians"