20th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival – Volunteers Needed!

Still Moon Arts Society is looking for volunteers to support the 20th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival throughout the month of September. This year we are marking two decades of the Moon Festival with the theme of Resurfacing. Join us in celebrating the full moon, harvest abundance, and diverse cultural traditions.

Youth and adult volunteers are organized into committees that range from event set-up to food service. There are different roles within each committee. Please read through the committee descriptions and select your top 3 preferences in your application. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences for the best festival experience. 

This volunteer callout is for students. Adult positions will be posted soon.


Event Set up / Take down (Harvest Fair, Streamside)

Help set the scene with tents, tables, chairs, and decorations. Support performance sites, choreographer, performers, and site managers: organize supplies, hang lanterns, put up signs, test lights, or set out candles. Ensure all Moon Festival equipment is returned and cleared out of the sites at the end of day. 

Customer Service / Information (Greeting, Accessibility, Merchandise, Environmental Stewards)

Welcome guests to the event, assist with wayfinding, and maintain flow of guests along pathways. Ensure attendees with accessibility needs can enter and exit safely. Support the Information and Merchandise Booth Manager with sales and customer questions. Environmental Stewards inform attendees of proper recycling and composting practices.


Help the Moon Festival continue to thrive by requesting donations from festival goers. Donations volunteers walk around during the Harvest Fair and Streamlight Lanterns events to chat with attendees and artists about Still Moon programs.

Workshop Support (Mooncake, Lanterns, Harvest Gathering, Finale Rehearsals)

Assist workshop facilitators with setup of tables, chairs, and supplies; Welcome and sign guests in; Support facilitator throughout the workshop as needed.

Artist Support / Liaison (Greenroom)

Support set-up and take-down of the performer and backstage area. Ensure performer and crew belongings are stored safely and organized. Support the Green Room Manager to sign artists in and ensure snacks are available.

Lost Streams Parade Participation (Theatrical)

March in the parade wearing Still Moon’s iconic costumes such as the River Moon Goddess, 3-person giant salmon puppet or Native Birds. Flag carriers help to bring the Twilight Lantern Parade to life with colourful flags among the crowd.

Food Prep and Service Committee (Tea Garden, Harvest Soup, Volunteer Food Service)

Serve tea and tasty treats at the Streamside Tea Garden; Serve soup, coffee and tea at the Harvest Fair; or support volunteer food service and preparation. Volunteers should be Ok handling hot food, preparing food, using gas stoves, handling money when selling food/drink items, and supporting setup/cleanup for food stations.

Logistics (First Aid, Fire Safety, Volunteers, Boardroom)

Sign in volunteers and give them their volunteer packages; support the Board Room Manager with organizing supplies; provide on-site first aid for volunteers, staff, and attendees if needed.

Volunteer Form

If you have any questions about volunteering at this year’s Moon Festival,
please contact the Moon Festival Assistant, Saige Patti at Saige@stillmoonarts.ca.