20th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival – Volunteers Needed!

Still Moon Arts Society is looking for volunteers to support the 20th Annual Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival throughout the month of September. This year we are marking two decades of the Moon Festival with the theme of Resurfacing. Join us in celebrating the full moon, harvest abundance, and diverse cultural traditions.

Adult volunteer roles are leadership positions, including responsibilities such as managing sites and supporting youth volunteers. Youth volunteers are organized into committees that range from event set-up to food service. There are different roles within each committee. Please read through the committee / role descriptions and select your top 3 preferences in your application. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences for the best festival experience.

Moon Festival would not be possible without our community volunteers who allow the festival to come to life. Focusing on youth mentorship and community service, Moon Festival prides itself with over 100 annual youth volunteers. A special thanks goes out to Still Moon’s Youth Committee consisting of 14 youth aging from 14 to 21. In addition to the year-round support they give Still Moon, they are part of the leadership team for the Harvest Fair, organizing community booths and vendors, assuming key volunteer roles, and creating the “Future Visioning” project for Moon Festival’s 20th Anniversary.

To show Still Moon’s appreciation for our volunteers, Moon Festival volunteers can expect the following:

  • Meals for Main Festival Events (Harvest Fair, Consciousness of Streams and Streamside)
  • A volunteer package (festival t-shirt and sticker package)
  • Volunteer appreciation dinner

Please note that all volunteers will be required to attend 1-2 mandatory training sessions.

Adult Volunteers

Event Set Up / Take Down Leaders

(Transportation, Site Manager Assistants, Riggers)

Be a part of fundamental festival success! Drivers move supplies to and from site locations on main event days. Site Manager Assistants work with Site Managers to oversee assigned installation and event area(s), which includes supporting youth volunteers with set-up/takedown, problem-solving, maintaining security, and providing help as needed to artists and performers. Riggers support structural installation and performance area set-up; tarping, suspending lanterns, and ensuring safety.

Greenroom Manager + Support

The role of the Greenroom Manager and support team is to oversee and ensure cohesion within artists/performer spaces (the greenroom). This includes set-up/take down,security, snack/drink refills and answering artist / performer questions. During the Harvest Fair they work alongside the Parade Manager to support costume and puppet organization. During Streamside they communicate meal times and important information over radio. Greenroom Managers have excellent communication skills and can mentor youth volunteers who are supporting the green room.

Boardroom Manager + Support

The Boardroom Manager is a vital festival role. The manager and support team sign in and sign out staff, volunteers, and equipment. They provide radio support to communicate who has arrived and what equipment is available to ensure the festival runs smoothly. Boardroom Managers are highly organized and detail-oriented.

Merchandise and Information Manager + Support

The Merchandise and Information Manager is the face of Still Moon! They make people feel welcome, assist with wayfinding, and inform the public about the festival and Still Moon’s projects and events. They are responsible for selling merchandise, managing the till, keeping sales/cash records, and supporting volunteers set-up and take-down the booth.

Harvest Fair Booth Manager + Support

The Harvest Fair Booth Manager works with the Harvest Fair Site Manager and a member of the Youth Committee to arrange, monitor, and sign in/out the community booths at the Harvest Fair. They support the Youth Committee member/team with delegating and decision-making at the event. Harvest Fair Booth Managers have excellent communication skills and have experience mentoring youth.

Parade Performer

Do you love theater or dance? Wear larger-than-life, iconic Still Moon parade costumes such as the River Goddess, 3-person giant salmon puppet or native birds and be a part of bringing the parade to life. There is a costume for all skill levels! Flag carriers help to bring colour to the Twilight Lantern Parade with decorative flags among the crowd.

Photography and Videography

Do you instinctively capture everything you see? Do you have an eye for detail and love interacting with people? We are looking for photographers, videographers, and anyone who loves social media to document events as they’re happening live!

Safety / First Aid

Fire Marshalls, Parade Marshalls, and First Aid ensure the safety of the festival by being prepared for any emergencies that could occur. The safety / first aid team is present on-site and has the training required to put out fires, marshall the parade route, and respond to medical situations. These positions require a first aid certificate and/or fire training completed prior to the festival.

Creatives and Event Entertainers

Do you have a natural knack for entertaining and interacting with crowds in a fun and silly way? Maybe you have a passion for face painting, learnt how to make balloon animals back in the day, or are an aspiring clown. We’d love to hear what interactive talent you’d like to contribute to the Harvest Fair!

We welcome anyone and have a position for everyone! If you have a speciality skill you’d like to share please let us know in the form. We would love to hear from you. 
For any questions about volunteering at this year’s Moon Festival, please contact the Moon Festival Assistant, Saige Patti at Saige@stillmoonarts.ca.

Youth Volunteers

Event Set up / Take down 

(Harvest Fair, Streamside)

Help set the scene with tents, tables, chairs, and decorations. Support performance sites, choreographer, performers, and site managers: organize supplies, hang lanterns, put up signs, test lights, or set out candles. Ensure all Moon Festival equipment is returned and cleared out of the sites at the end of day. 

Customer Service / Information 

(Greeting, Accessibility, Merchandise, Environmental Stewards)

Welcome guests to the event, assist with wayfinding, and maintain flow of guests along pathways. Ensure attendees with accessibility needs can enter and exit safely. Support the Information and Merchandise Booth Manager with sales and customer questions. Environmental Stewards inform attendees of proper recycling and composting practices.


Help the Moon Festival continue to thrive by requesting donations from festival goers. Donations volunteers walk around during the Harvest Fair and Streamlight Lanterns events to chat with attendees and artists about Still Moon programs.

Workshop Support 

(Mooncake, Lanterns, Harvest Gathering, Finale Rehearsals)

Assist workshop facilitators with setup of tables, chairs, and supplies; Welcome and sign guests in; Support facilitator throughout the workshop as needed.

Artist Support / Liaison 


Support set-up and take-down of the performer and backstage area. Ensure performer and crew belongings are stored safely and organized. Support the Green Room Manager to sign artists in and ensure snacks are available.

Lost Streams Parade Participation 


March in the parade wearing Still Moon’s iconic costumes such as the River Moon Goddess, 3-person giant salmon puppet or Native Birds. Flag carriers help to bring the Twilight Lantern Parade to life with colourful flags among the crowd.

Food Prep and Service Committee 

(Tea Garden, Harvest Soup, Volunteer Food Service)

Serve tea and tasty treats at the Streamside Tea Garden; Serve soup, coffee and tea at the Harvest Fair; or support volunteer food service and preparation. Volunteers should be Ok handling hot food, preparing food, using gas stoves, handling money when selling food/drink items, and supporting setup/cleanup for food stations.


(First Aid, Fire Safety, Volunteers, Boardroom)

Sign in volunteers and give them their volunteer packages; support the Board Room Manager with organizing supplies; provide on-site first aid for volunteers, staff, and attendees if needed.

We welcome anyone and have a position for everyone! If you have a speciality skill you’d like to share please let us know in the form. We would love to hear from you. 
For any questions about volunteering at this year’s Moon Festival, please contact the Moon Festival Assistant, Saige Patti at Saige@stillmoonarts.ca.