Consciousness of Streams Performance

Sep. 10th  |  6PM – 8:30PM  |  Slocan Park

Consciousness of Streams weaves together Still Moon’s stories through movement and textiles.

Inspired by the land, Consciousness of Streams invites you to walk the landscape and notice its contours through a mesmerizing series of site-specific performances following the lost streams buried under the streets of the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood. It brings to light the lost streams, circulatory system, and lifeblood of the area with a procession of dancers, stilt walkers, and lanterns – using textiles dyed with locally grown plants.

The first scene is brought to life at Renfrew Ravine Labyrinth where community movement artists interact with naturally dyed streamers. Consciousness of Streams is then led by musicians to Slocan Park’s Harvest Fair for a performance featuring aerial dance. Consciousness of Streams then joins the Lost Streams Parade, and culminates in an interdisciplinary performance at Collingwood Park.

The work involves interwoven artist-community collaboration and integrates Still Moon’s projects: Colour Me Local Dye Garden, Dyers’ Guild, and Weaving with Invasives to produce costumes and sustainable textile art. To develop the work, a series of skill-building workshops including stilt walking and movement were offered to connect and celebrate a rich collective identity.


Consciousness of Streams is choreographed by professional movement, stilt artist, and longtime collaborator Isabelle Kirouac. Read Isabelle’s full bio here and learn about her past projects.


 “I am very inspired by all of the community relationships built through this project, reflecting on the lost streams. What an incredible opportunity to learn from one another through creative and embodied experiences. It’s been a joy to witness some stilt-walker’s first steps, and spontaneous dances emerging like resurfacing streams.”

Still Suite by Treesong Performance

Co-Produced with Still Moon Arts Society

Sep. 17th  |  7:30PM – 8:30PM  |  Renfrew Community Park

Created specially for the Moon Festival’s 20th anniversary Streamside Lantern Installation, Still Suite will give the audience a beautiful and mysterious immersive walk-through experience of light, sound, lyric and movement that celebrates the holistic “one-ness” of life-energy and environment. 

The piece begins and ends with musicians & dancers scattered throughout the Renfrew Ravine, working individually but connected in spirit by a web of call & response song. It climaxes with the performers coming together in an exciting focused expression of life struggling to exist and flourish in a dance of common, but not always aligned, purpose.

This site-specific work features eight of Vancouver’s finest musicians and eight movement artists illuminated by lanterns in the magical Ravine.

About Treesong

Treesong is an ensemble created by Brad Muirhead to showcase his compositions for David Gowman’s fantastic hand-crafted “Fuhorns, utilizing their unique tone-colours and pitch structures. In addition to the Treesong instrumentalists (pictured above) Brian Harding, Adrian Smith, Greg Farrugia, David Gownman & Brad muirhead on Fuhorns and Nick Apivor, Gary Wildeman on percussion, this performance also features Stll Moon Artistic Director Carmen Rosen on vocals. Read more about Treesong here.

Still Suite is co-produced by Brad Muirhead and Still Moon Arts Society with assistance from The Canada Council

Composer / Lyricist / Musical Director

Brad Muirhead: professional trombonist, composer, educator, project instigator, community music facilitator, hobby audio recording & video producer, visual artist, philosopher and opinionator. Read his full bio here

Instrument Maker

David Gowman: Fuhorn player, instrument maker, entertainer, David Gowman is the Canadian artist called Mr. Fire-Man.


The piece is choreographed by Dr. Carolina Bergonzoni: a dance artist, a curious human, a somatic educator and practitioner, an overthinker, a coffee drinker, and a dog lover who is challenging the labels of “professional” and “community-engaged” art making and facilitating. Learn more about Carolina’s practice here.

Treesong Musicians

Carmen Rosen (Vocals)
Greg Farrugia, Adrian Smith, Brian Harding, David Gowman, Brad Muirhead (Fuhorns)
Nick Apivor, Gary Wildeman (Percussion)

Treesong Community Dancers

Bayleigh Marelj, Maya Graves-Bacchus, Bryony Ollier, Charlotta Prigent, Lynda Sing, Tannaz Dtehrani