The Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival is designed to create a beautiful, inspiring, and accessible series of events that connects people to the environment, arts, and one another. This year’s Moon Festival features over 80 artists and performers, as we aim to foster creativity and collaboration amongst local artists, create opportunities for youth to develop artistic skills, and provide a public platform that promotes and honours the local arts community. For 20 years, we’ve featured both professional and emerging artists – showcasing diverse cultural traditions and art forms. Festival organizer, Still Moon Arts Society, is committed to prioritizing artists from diverse and barriered communities in addition to artists living within Renfrew Collingwood Neighborhood.

Harvest Fair | Sat. Sept. 10th, 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Streamside Lantern Installation | Sat. Sept. 17th, Sunset (7:20 PM) – 9:30 PM

20th Anniversary Features | Consciousness of Streams

20th Anniversary Features | Still Suite by Treesong

Nick Apivor, Greg Farrugia, David Gowman, Brian Harding, Brad Muirhead, Adrian Smith, Gary Wildeman

Music Composition

Instrument Maker / Fuhorn Player



Bayleigh Marelj, Maya Graves-Bacchus, Bryony Ollier, Charlotta Prigent, Lynda Sing, Tannaz Dtehrani

2022 Moon Festival poster and graphics by Clara Johnson

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