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Carmen Rosen

Carmen Rosen

Artistic Director

Carmen Rosen is a visual artist, singer, and interdisciplinary performer. She has a long history of initiating art projects and creative community integrated projects. In 2010 Carmen received the Vancouver Mayor’s Arts Award, and in 2012 the Queen’s Jubilee Award for her art with the community. She has an Art History degree from UBC and a diploma from Emily Carr Institute. Carmen is the founder and artistic director of Still Moon Arts Society: inspiring vibrant and connected communities by creating art and nurturing a passion for nature. Through Still Moon and in collaboration with many community partners, she creates the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival, and other projects and special events shedding light on Renfrew Ravine, Still Creek, salmon in the city, and the community’s creative capacity. She leads art workshops including Colour Me Local natural dye workshops, lantern making workshops, giant puppet and costume workshops, art workshops with schools and community groups such as Sarah Ross House Temporary Modular Housing, and a six year residency with Arts, Health and Seniors. 

Previous to Still Moon Arts, Carmen was also the founder and co-artistic director of Mortal Coil Performance Society for 10 years – creating shows, designing costumes and giant puppets, performing, and booking stilt-dance shows all over North America. 

As a singer, Carmen performed, recorded and toured with Elektra Women’s Choir, the Slavic Soul ensemble Zeellia for 20+ years, and currently performs with Zlatna Mountain. 

In 2016 Carmen created a major public art installation “Still Here” at Skyway Towers Plaza on Kingsway. In 2017 she was an artist in residence at CACIS Centre for Art and Sustainability in Spain. In 2018 she collaborated with artists Paula Jardine, Cathy Stubington (Runaway Moon), and Robi Smith as Birds in Residence and Birds on Parade spending over a year to create a giant bird parade with hundreds of community members in costume performing as birds on stilts for the opening of the International Ornithological Congress and the Vancouver Bird Festival.

Carmen’s visual art can be seen in the stone mosaic pathways around Renfrew Ravine, giant puppets and stilt walking characters at festivals and community parades, giant lantern installations at several lantern festivals, and living mushroom sculptures, Fruiting Bodies, in Renfrew Community Park. 

You can see her TEDx talk at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDwviAVQ6gc

Bea Miller

Bea Miller

General Manager

Bea is thrilled to be part of the amazing community supporting Still Moon Arts Society. Bea values diversity, connection, communication, and inclusion, and brings a wide variety of community and arts-related experience to Still Moon Arts. This includes Youth Work in Richmond and doing outreach with folks with disabilities in Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver as Community Connector. She has also trained for over 5 years as a facilitator using art for connection, self-expression, strategic planning, and human-centred design with both youth and adults. Her main inspiration for this work comes from Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. Prior to working with SMAS, Bea had the great pleasure to coordinate a project funded by the City of Richmond, teaching youth to weave fish from local plants and installing the resulting community-engaged sculpture at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. Bea is thrilled to be part of the amazing community supporting Still Moon Arts Society. When not working with community, Bea makes textile art, including sewing, dyeing, and weaving: both on a loom and with plants to make baskets. She loves spending time in the Renfrew Ravine and keeps an eye out for edible and medicinal plants, both native and non-native.

Emma Warner-Chee

Emma Warner-Chee

Stewardship Coordinator

About Emma

Angus Ho

Angus Ho

Communications Coordinator

About Angus


Henry Lau

Henry Lau


Henry has been involved with Still Moon Arts Society since high school as a Moon Festival volunteer. Since then, he’s been captivated by the Still Moon Arts’ vision and work, eventually joining the board in 2014. Through the board, Henry hopes to continue the important work of Still Moon Arts to bring together art, environment and community.

Albert Chiu

Albert Chiu

Vice President

Albert is a lawyer with a downtown Vancouver law firm. He has lived in the Renfrew-Collingwood area for over 20 years and has always had an interest in local art and culture. He joined the board of Still Moon Arts Society as a way of contributing to the community that he has grown up with. On the weekends, he can often be found exploring the rapidly-changing neighborhood while walking his frisky Shih Tzu-Poodle. 

Thea Sample

Thea Sample


Emily Chan

Emily Chan

Member At Large

Emily has been involved with Still Moon Arts Society since grade 8 as a volunteer for the Moon Festival, and since then has been an active Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival organizer, co-founder of the board’s Youth Committee and Communication Committee, and a member of various other committees. Emily is grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the unique and passionate approach Still Moon Arts takes when engaging with the community


  • Ian Yip

  • Jennifer Norquist

  • Virginia Bowden


The Communications Committee is a small but dedicated group of volunteers who meet quarterly to help put together the newsletter, keep Still Moon Arts active on social media channels, and sometimes contribute graphic design skills. Most of the work is done remotely – if you have specific communications, digital marketing, and/or graphic design skills, consider helping out on this specialized team!

  • Thea Sample
  • Sharan Pawa
  • Angus Ho



The Streamkeepers work towards making Still Creek a healthier stream for its ecosystems. We meet every 4th Monday of the month from 6:30-8:30 PM at Slocan Hall to plan activities for the community to take part in, learn about, and improve Still Creek!


  • Dave Scott
  • Emma Warner-Chee
  • Virginia Bowden –
  • Jennifer Norquist
  • Colin Bailey
  • Gabriel de Andrade Fazioni


The Still Moon Arts Youth Committee consists of youth aged 15-19 who are passionate about supporting Still Moon Art’s pillars of art, stewardship, and community, and in particular want to engage with other youth around these values. The Youth Ambassadors organize the Harvest Fair portion of the Moon Festival, as well as other workshops, events, and activities throughout the year. The committee holds monthly meetings and receives support and mentorship from the General Manager and Artistic Director. This year, our team is lucky to have eight incredible Youth Ambassadors who have demonstrated leadership in the community!

(Clockwise from top left) Daisy Martin-Moore, Maggie Fong, Kim Ho, Jasmine Garcha, Janette Chen, Katie Wan, Angus Ho, Anson Chow
Youth Ambassadors

Angus Ho, Daisy Martin-Moore, Janette Chen, Maggie Fong, Katie Wan, Jasmine Garcha, Kim Ho, Anson Chow