Colour Me Local Dye Garden


Still Moon’s Colour Me Local Dye Garden, located on the West Side of the Renfrew Ravine, is a community engaged initiative focused on planting, maintaining, harvesting, processing and using plants most known for their pigments. In addition to natural dye extraction the garden supports pollinators, insects and wildlife and is part of medicinal plant programs with Resurfacing History.

Within the garden you will find plants that are used to create a range of vibrant colours. Different parts of these plants are used to create dyes, including roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, and fruits. These plants are processed into dyes and then used for dying natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk. 

Still Moon, with help from community members, installed Phase 1 of the Colour Me Local Dye garden in April 2019 as part of the Alder Eco-Arts Hub residency at Slocan Park Fieldhouse. Our Colour Me Local Dye Garden is in continual development; we are testing out new pigment plants, building new garden boxes and ensuring it’s continual growth.

Colour Me Local Dye Garden - Photo by Angus Ho (Jul 2019)

Plants and Colours Produced:

Reds: Hollyhock, Lupins, Dyer’s Coreopsis, Madder, Red Columbine

Yellows: Heather, Rhubarb, Goldenrod, Marigold, Dyer’s Coreopsis, Calendula

Greens: Heather, Rhubarb, Goldenrod, Lupin, Elderberry

Blues: Woad, Indigo, Elderberry

Browns: Lupin, Dyer’s Coreopsis


Natural Dye Classes

Still Moon hosts paid Natural Dye Classes providing a hands-on and technical experience in the world of natural dyeing. Beginners and avid dyers are welcome. The paid series is recommended for individuals wanting to learn, experiment and understand the natural dye process. Materials are provided and participants take home their work. Learn more and sign up for a class below.

Dyers and Gardeners Club

Still Moon hosts a free Dyers and Gardeners Club every second Wednesday, giving the community the opportunity to participate in the maintenance and processing of the Colour Me Local Dye Garden. Think of this as a “learning work party”. Every week there will be different projects and tasks that we will be working on together. Learn more and get involved below.

If you have questions regarding our Colour Me Local Dye Garden, please email Carmen Rosen, Artistic Director, at To learn about Still Moon’s other events, check out our Events Calendar.


Colour Me Local Dye Garden

Renfrew St. and East 24th Ave. (West Side of Renfrew Ravine)