Dyers’ Guild


The Dyer’s Guild opens up Still Moon’s fieldhouse residency, the Alder Eco-Arts Hub studio, to experienced natural dye artists. Guild members have the opportunity to use the Alder as a space to work, experiment, collaborate, and skill-share with one another.

Learning Goals for Guild Members

  • Connect, collaborate, and skill share with other local dye artists 
  • Access Alder Eco-Arts Hub studio to work on personal projects (min 12 hours/month) 
  • Store materials and in-process work at the Alder
  • Receive paid opportunities to teach community dye workshops 
  • Potential for a gallery display and exhibition

Dyers’ Guild Schedule

The Alder will be available to Guild Members for three out of four weekends per month. The member is welcome to use the studio for as much time as they wish on the day that they have signed-up to use the space. We will restrict the space to one person at a time while COVID-19 persists. This is subject to re-evaluation as the health restrictions change during the vaccine rollout. 

Dye Garden Planting - Photo by Bea Miller (Apr 2019)

Dyers’ Guild Membership

The Dyer’s Guild membership will cost $120 for three months ($40/month). This price is reduced to reflect the preliminary nature of the program. The Guild membership fee might be increased in the future.

If you would like to attend or have any questions about the program, please contact Eco-Arts Programs Manager, Varsha Gill at varsha@stillmoonarts.ca