Beaconsfield Wetland and Ecosystem Connection is a part of Still Moon’s major stewardship initiative, Shedding Light on Still Creek. In partnership with the Parks Board and City of Vancouver, Still Moon will be co-creating a wetland and community greenspace at Beaconsfield Park, next to the Italian Cultural Centre, with residents of the Still Creek watershed. The project will specifically engage underserved and BIPOC residents and eventually provide a space for ongoing eco-arts and stewardship programming. The Parks Board is doing site testing and preliminary design work in the Spring/Summer of 2021. Wetland creation will begin in the Autumn of 2021 and there will be lots of opportunity to be involved.

The long-term goals of this project are to:


1. Provide a new interactive green space for the Still Creek watershed community (Renfrew Collingwood)

Did you know that the Still Creek watershed has low access to nature and only 7% coverage of green canopy? Low tree canopy cover worsens the urban heat island effect which shows urban areas being hotter than surrounding rural areas.

2. Alleviate flooding by redirecting water into the wetland


Did you know that Vancouver is characterized by a high degree of impervious area (paved areas, roofs and other hard surfaces that don’t allow rain water to soak into the ground)? Vancouver is facing ongoing flooding issues. Green infrastructure (i.e. a wetland) can increase permeable surfaces and can clean urban rainwater before it flows into major bodies of water.


3. Increase habitat for local flora and fauna, increasing biodiversity in the neighbourhood

Beaconsfield Wetland creation overlaps with multiple objectives outlined by the city’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, Rain City Strategy Plan, Biodiversity Strategy, and VanPlay Master Plan. Beaconsfield wetland project will: 

       1. Enhance the long-term health and vigor of blue spaces, green spaces, trees and biodiversity

       2. Improve water quality of local water bodies


4. Create an eco-art installation for the wetland 

Windermere Leadership students removing invasive species - Photo by Emma Warner-Chee (Jan 2020)

Local residents will have the opportunity to participate through planting, maintaining, and monitoring of the wetland. Specific activities will include water quality testing, invasive plant removal, and planting native species.

Think Big: There is a remnant stream of Still Creek just 100m from the soon to be wetland. Discussion around eventually connecting the wetland to the forgotten-about remnant stream has begun. Re-envisioning Still Creek to reflect what it once was is something Still Moon is thinking about and actioning towards. This has not been approved and would be an entirely separate project.

The community engaged wetland is a co-production with the Parks Board and funded by Greenest City, City of Vancouver and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).


If you have questions regarding our Environmental Stewardship Programs, please email Adrian Avendano, Stewardship Programs Manager at adrian@stillmoonarts.ca