Still Creek Streamkeepers

The Still Creek Streamkeepers help take care of Still Creek and Renfrew Ravine. We monitor the creek and work to improve water quality and ecosystem health. This includes water quality testing, ravine cleaning, garbage removal, invertebrate sampling, removing invasive species, and replanting with native plants.

Youth Committee

Our Youth Committee is a group of youth aged 15-22 who engage in community art, stewardship and outreach activities. The youth gain leadership skills and get hands-on experience in community engagement and event management.

Connect Program

Still Moon’s Connect program links youth who belong to underserved communities to their environment, artistic creativity and one another. Participants attend a workshop every Tuesday for four to six weeks where they learn about the Still Creek watershed, create art using natural materials, and care for the land via hands-on environmental restoration or tending to the dye garden. The Connect program is open to youth from underserved groups.

The Dyers’ Guild

The Dyer’s Guild is a group of experienced natural dye artists who work at the Alder Eco-Arts Hub studio and the Colour Me Local Dye Garden. Guild members experiment, collaborate, and skill-share with one another.

Board of Directors & Committees

Members of the public who are passionate about the arts, healthy ecosystems, and resilient communities may choose to apply to be elected onto the Board of Still Moon Arts Society. Board members serve a two year term and fulfill a number of duties to uphold the society’s vision. We also welcome new members to our committees.

Still Moon Membership

Members of Still Moon Arts Society are entitled to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting or run for a position on the board. If you feel a connection to Still Moon it’s a way to become more involved.