The Still Moon Youth Committee is a group of youth aged 15-19 who help to create the annual Moon Festival Harvest Fair and engage in community art, environmental stewardship and outreach activities throughout the year. For over ten years, the committee has played a key role in engaging with other youth in the community around Still Moon’s values and activities. They are active from January to October, meeting monthly with facilitation by Still Moon’s Eco-Arts Manager and Artistic Director. The youth gain leadership skills and get hands-on experience in community engagement, event management, and art-making, all while having fun and making a positive difference in their community.

Salve Making (Aug 2016) - Photo by Bea Miller

Youth Committee Objectives

  • To engage youth in the performing and visual arts, community-building and environmental stewardship.
  • To provide free, accessible and inclusive opportunities for youth to develop hands-on, social, communication and leadership skills which will enhance their confidence, resilience and preparedness to engage in paid work and community life.
  • To co-create art, environmental and community programs by and for youth, with mentorship from professional artists.
  • To meet youth where they’re at and honour the unique contributions, creativity, knowledge, and innovative thinking that they bring.
  • To link art and social/environmental justice through arts experiences and reflection.
  • To provide opportunities for youth to deepen their understanding of how art contributes to self-development, critical thinking, empathy, democracy, and innovation.

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Youth Committee Activities

Every year is different, as the Youth Committee’s programming is co-created by its members. Frequent activities include:

  • Organizing food, booths and volunteers at the Moon Festival Harvest Fair
  • Creating banners and decorations for the Moon Festival
  • Creating and running art and environment booths at Harvest Fair
  • Promotion and outreach for the Moon Festival
  • Planning and running art workshops (candle-making, lantern-making, pottery-painting and more) throughout the year

Youth Committee Core Values

Inclusivity, Respect, Collaboration, Knowledge/skill sharing, and Empowerment.

Build Skills and Experience

Each year, we ask our Youth Committee members about the skills and experience they gained through their involvement. Here are some of the things that past members tell us that they learned:

  • How to adapt to new situations and new roles
  • Leadership skills
  • How it feels to be a team member
  • Self-confidence in making decisions
  • Experience running an event, especially emailing & making connections
  • How to be more organized and plan better
  • Working with adults and older youth
  • How to be more responsible because others rely on my actions
  • Plan and host workshops – basic event planning & the importance of marketing
  • How to communicate my ideas and bring them to life
  • Donation letters, engaging with other community organizations & businesses
  • Building confidence with professional communication

Other Opportunities for Youth Committee Members

We invite Youth Committee members to apply their skills to volunteer and paid opportunities at Still Moon Arts, such as working alongside our staff at public workshops and performances. We also encourage youth committee members to apply for summer student positions at Still Moon Arts.

If you have questions, please email info@stillmoonarts.ca.

CNH Craft Fair (Dec 2016)


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