Still Moon is currently hosting a graphic design contest for all students living in and attending a high school within East Vancouver (age 18 or younger) in preparation for the 2021 Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. The festival theme this year is: Balancing.

The winner’s design will be featured on this year’s Moon Festival poster and T-shirt, which will be worn by staff & hundreds of volunteers. More importantly, the winner will receive $200 and have the opportunity to work virtually with artist Eva Dominelli, who designed the 2019 and 2020 festival graphics, to finalize their design!

In order to participate, you must be a high school student in the East Vancouver community.

What is required for submission?
– A sketch of your design (completed designs accepted as well)
– Reference images (your own work or other artwork)
– Relate to the festival theme, Balancing

Apply by May 30th, 2021 at 8:00PM.

The winner of this contest will be announced on June 11th, 2021.

View Previous Year T-shirt designs Here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Youth Committee – Leadership Member, Anson Chow at anson86chow@gmail.com

Planting with Norquay Elementary Students & Resurfacing History (Dec 2018) - Photo by Bea Miller

Eva Dominelli is an illustrator and designer who primarily creates her work through traditional mediums such as drawing and painting. Her design work has a strong illustrative focus.

She graduated in 2017 from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a BFA in Illustration. Currently, she works on editorial illustration, album art, and poster design. She has self-published several artist books, including her 2020 zine Things Men Say to Me at Work, winner of Broken Pencil’s Art Zine of the year.

Eva’s gouache and watercolour illustrations pull inspiration from her personal experiences, observations, visions and dreams, as well as her love of vintage children’s picture books.

You can view her work on her website and Instagram.

The mentorship will cover:

  • Creating artist agreements/contracts and invoices.
  • Working through a design with clients through brainstorming, reference imagery, visualization, sketching, finals and revisions.
  • Tips on communicating with clients in order to fulfill their vision. Methods include client surveys, communicating as the design progresses, and email etiquette.
  • Advantages of working in different mediums. Possible focus on working in traditional mediums and translating designs to a final digital format or initially starting the design digitally.
  • Advice on the common materials and tools used by illustrators. This includes gouache, watercolor, procreate on ipad, and adobe suite (photoshop.)
  • Typography and handwritten text.
  • How to create and prepare files that are print ready. Scanning artwork, setting up designs with proper resolution, bleeds, templates and colour formats, communicating with printers, logo and text placement, and exporting in various file types.
  • Translating your design into several formats. This project includes an 11×17 poster, a double sided 4×6 postcard, images for social media use, and a single colour screen-printed T-Shirt.

Installation to the left by Ben Rosen- Purcell
Photo by Chao Cheng at the 16th Annual Moon Festival