Streamside Lantern Artists

Chitha Manoranjan and Henry Lau

Chitha and Henry are emerging artists situated in the traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations.

Having spent most of their lives in the vibrant Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood and wandering through Renfrew Ravine, they have a deep appreciation of the power of art to move and mobilize people. Their various roles held at Still Moon Arts Society over the years has instilled a mindset to honour the natural spaces around us while pulling inspiration from the chaotic and unknown. These teachings feed into their whimsical wonders that offer different perspectives on the life that flows through the Ravine.

Sarah Ronald

Sarah Ronald is a Canadian artist living in Port Coquitlam BC, Canada. Ronald’s diverse upbringing in the rural Okanagan shaped her future as a conservation-minded animal artist and aspiring creative writer. After graduating from the Okanagan University College with her BFA, Ronald relocated to the lower mainland of BC, eventually settling in Port Coquitlam where she now creates out of her home studio.

Always pushing her practice to new levels, in 2020 Ronald started creating hand-drawn animations of wildlife, and in 2021 she began projecting her animations in outdoor spaces as means to experience her animated animals ‘in the wild’ and outside of traditional art spaces. Ronald has recently started to include site-specific installation art into her practice and sees installation and projected animation work becoming a significant part of her focus in the years to come.

Sarah’s next solo exhibition will be at Fort Gallery in Fort Langley BC October 1 through November 6 2021. @sarahronaldartist

Yoko Tomita

Yoko Tomita is originally from Osaka Japan. She is a community artist at East Vancouver creating community engaged art projects in visual arts, mosaics, lanterns, textile art and teaching acrylic painting, drawing and sketching class. Her diverse expression of arts shows connection to nature is main theme which brings smiles and cheer to the public.

Andrew Tuline

In 2012, Andrew Tuline started learning how to program strings of addressable LED’s in order to make animated patterns. After attending the Still Moon Festival in about 2016, Andrew attended a lantern making workshop hosted by Yoko Tomita the following year and has been making lanterns and hosting workshops since then.

Andrew’s YouTube channel can be found at: 

Garvin Chinnia

Garvin Chinnia is an emerging visual artist based in Vancouver on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Watuth, and Squamish nations. His works involve the intersections of visual mediums with the sciences, specifically biology and ecology.

Canadian Bottleweed is a floating LED light installation using collected bottles as floatation on Still Creek, in an attempt to bring attention to both aquatic ecology via the use of erstwhile waste products from our material culture.

Ari Lazer

Ari Lazer is a geometer, designer and interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC. His work explores the intersection of geometry and the patterns of nature – through creating interactive spaces, art objects, and stories.

An interdisciplinary artist and educator, Ari has presented work in conjunction with a wide variety of organizations and art festivals on the west coast, including the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver International Folk Festival, Beloved, Blessed Coast, Burning Man, Bass Coast, and many, many others.

Isaac Rufus Rosen-Purcell

Isaac Rufus ‘ current artistic practice circles around the body, the amplified clarinet, digital signal processing, movement, light/shadow, and Sculpture. He works with these mediums and ideas to create solo/collaborative live performances and recorded works.

Isaac Rufus Rosen-Purcell ‘s general process is to improvise, think, research, and then formulate the resulting material into some form of shareable work. His aim is to have propositional work that brings the audience through an unfamiliar realm of interwoven sound, light/shadow and movement.

Mengya Zhao

Mengya Zhao is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on illustration, graphic design, drawing, photography, ceramic, and printmaking.
She also participates in several public art projects, accomplished a mural painting in the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival, and currently collaborates with several Asian Canadian women artists doing a mural project in Vancouver Chinatown.

She is interested in art merging with everyday subjects and uses art to reflect daily life.

Orb Weavers Collective

Orb Weavers Collective is a collaboration between designers, woodworkers, and engineers inspired by patterns and relationships found in the natural world. Relationships that invite exploration and curiosity-driven engagement within the participant and in connection to the environment around them.

The members of Orb Weavers Collective have built pieces for the Vancouver Art Gallery, as well as stages and installations for art and music festivals throughout BC. The members of Orb Weavers Collective currently reside and work on the traditional, unceded territories of the Coast Salish Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish peoples.

Polymer Dance

Polymer Dance is an inclusive, community-based dance troupe for adult dancers. We participated in the 2017 edition of the Festival, and we are excited to be back.

Our vision is “dance is for everybody and dance is for everywhere”.

We have weekly classes to build skills and body awareness in a way that will allow us to dance for many years. As an improvisation ensemble, we experiment learning to craft dances together in the moment with artistic sense. We prefer to do site-specific performances and animate unsuspected public spaces. We strive to bring dance to broader audiences in unique ways to generate and celebrate a shared sense of community, joy, identity, and safety. Check and @polymerdance.