Our Projects


Alder Eco-Arts Hub

Our studio provides space, teaching materials, and other resources for multiple groups to use for art, environmental stewardship, and learning.


Cracks in Creeks: Live Streaming

A site-specific movement performance, sonic installation, and visual eco-art presentation on the banks of Still Creek.


Colour Me Local Dye Garden

We installed a dye garden next to the Renfrew Ravine in April 2019 to support pollinators, natural dye programs, and medicinal plant programs with Resurfacing History.


Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride

In February or early March each year, Still Moon organizes a twilight bicycle ride along the Central Valley Greenway to quietly follow the crows on the last leg of their journey.


Mycelial Connections & Fruiting Bodies

These site-specific sculptures are a living collaboration between oyster mushrooms and Alder from Renfrew Ravine, lead artists Carmen Rosen and Willoughby Arevalo, and community members both human and non-human.


Projects in Schools

We have some options for your school to do art and environmentally friendly projects. Please contact if you want us to come to your school.