Experience Moon Fest

Opening Ceremony

Sep 1 

On the first day of the month, Renfrew-Collingwood neighbours came together to welcome the September full moon at our  Opening Ceremony. Senaqwila Wyss from the Squamish Nation opened the event, local dye artist Bea Miller set the stage with her naturally dyed banners, and Zamir Dhanji played the hang drum as guests folded origami boats inscribed with their prayers for the water. These boats were later displayed at the Streamside Lantern Installation on October 3rd.


Moon Music in the Dye Garden

Sep 9

Our annual Moon Music event brought neighbours together to enjoy a scene of live music in the Colour Me Local Dye Garden. The event featured Andromeda Monk on bass clarinet and Adrian Avendano on percussion. Both musicians improvised throughout the evening as guests enjoyed their music and the beautiful sunset.


Harvest Gathering

Sep 12

At our Harvest Gathering, participants explored different harvest techniques, including making healing salves, using ivy to weave baskets, and seed saving. We were so grateful to have Lori Snyder there to open the gathering and lead the salve workshop, as well as Bea Miller who displayed her naturally dyed banners to welcome attendees into the garden.


Indigenous Harvest Talk

Sep 13

This talk featured Resurfacing History facilitator, Leona Brown of the Gitxsan nation. Leona spoke of the empowerment of regaining access to her culture and traditional knowledge through the Resurfacing History program. She shared her knowledge of traditional medicines and native plants, and provided the herbs for participants to mix a tea to take home. Much gratitude to Leona for this insightful and engaging talk!


Equinox Labyrinth Walk

Sep 22

We held a beautiful evening walk at the Renfrew Ravine Labyrinth during the Autumn Equinox. Community members celebrated with walking meditation and reflection at the Labyrinth. The evening was filled with an incredible display of music by Vi An Diep on the guzheng.


Constellations Choreography

Oct 1

During this year’s Moon Festival, Constellations and Transformations, Still Moon led a drone-filmed choreography that highlighted the community’s ability to come together and stay connected during a time of necessary physical distancing. This piece features community members aging 10 to 60 demonstrating community-engaged art and intergenerational performance.

Constellation Choreography: Isabelle Kirouac
Drone Filming and Production: Wilson Mendes
Video Editing: Conor Provenzano
Music: Isaac Rosen-Purcell and Clara Rose Chisholm


Streamside Lantern Installation

Oct 3

On October 3rd, we celebrated our final and most anticipated event, the Streamside Lantern Installation! It was truly a memorable night with the beauty of candlelight, exquisite lanterns, ethereal music and the shimmering Still Creek in the Renfrew Ravine. We thank all of the artists and musicians that participated in this year’s Moon Fest.

Video Editing: Maria-José Araujo
Sound Editing: Brad Muirhead of Treesong Group
Filming: Ben Grayzel and Maria-José Araujo
Moon Festival Photography: Maria-José Araujo and Chao Cheng

To learn more about each installation and artist, check out our Lantern Installation Map