Lantern Installation Map and Artists

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New 2020 Installations


Buildings of Chinatown: Indigo Painted Lanterns Cedar Fibre Cast Paper Lantern

Catherine Shapiro

Hidden Colours of Trout Lake: Silk Banners made in collaboration with natural dye plants of East Vancouver

Bea Miller

Beaver Beavering

Willoughby Arevalo

Mycelium Movement (Spore Drive)

Kathryn Wadel

Portrait of a Soul

Silouan V Hainsworth

Transition Arch

Isaac Rufus Rosen-Purcell

Swimming Snake

Penelope de Turenne

Other Feature Artists

Carmen Rosen

Robin in the 'Hood

Naomi Singer

Zen Yeovil Lanterns

Andrew Tuline


Bryce Larkin

Trash Flowers

Robin Lough


Ben Rosen-Purcell

Nest: Spaced Out

Chitha Manoranjan and Henry Lau

Going Home

Yoko Tomita

Still Light (Geometric Wooden Lanterns)

Ari Lazer

Fluttering Hand

Ben Rosen-Purcell

Tea Bag Tea Set

Carmen Rosen

The Many Faces of Ted Tweetie

Carmen Rosen and Willoughby Arevalo

Silk Cathedral

Carmen Rosen, Simon Purcell, Susan Berganzi

Giant Silk Jellyfish

Carmen Rosen and the Renfrew-Collingwood Seniors Centre

Origami Prayer Boats for the Water

Carmen Rosen with Community Contributions

Love Poems for the Bees

Carmen Rosen

Streamside Lantern Installation

Oct 3

On October 3rd, we celebrated our final and most anticipated event, the Streamside Lantern Installation! It was truly a memorable night with the beauty of candlelight, exquisite lanterns, ethereal music and the shimmering Still Creek in the Renfrew Ravine. We thank all of the artists and musicians that participated in this year’s Moon Fest.