At Still Moon Arts, we work to create a safe, welcoming place for marginalized communities to share and be creative. The recent violence, including murder, against Black and Indigenous people by police and white supremacists in both the United States and Canada are a stark reminder that our cities are not safe and welcoming places for all.

Like many of you, we are looking for tangible ways to combat anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism here on unceded Coast Salish Territories. Black and Indigenous organizers have been doing this work for generations, and we hope that we can support this work that is ongoing.

We would like to share some resources which have been helpful to our staff in understanding the ongoing work to address anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism:

Reading Resources:

Organizations Call on Mayor Kennedy Stewart to Implement Immediate Ban on Racist Police Street Checks in Vancouver – BCCLA

Black Lives Matter Vancouver Calls on the City to Dismantle Systems of Violence and Oppression

Defunding the Police will Save Black and Indigenous Lives in Canada – Sandy Hudson

‘Policing Black Lives’ author on confronting Canada’s historical amnesia, Black expendability, and the path forward – Harrison Samphir

Ways to be an Ally, from Two Lifetimes of Learning – Amy Tan and Pamela Roach


Anti-Racism Materials:

Letters for Black Lives


Support Local Organizations and Fundraisers:

In addition, the following are just a few of the local organizations and fundraisers you can donate to that are doing critical anti-racism work and providing services to Black and Indigenous communities.

Black Lives Matter Vancouver | Donate

Hogan’s Alley Society | Donate

Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19

Vancouver Black Therapy and & Advocacy Fund

Other Resource Hubs:

Support Local Black-led Organizations – Pivot Legal Society