Shedding Light, Still Creek Restoration Project


Shedding Light, Still Creek Restoration Project (Shedding Light) engages community residents through our monthly educational speaker series, hands-on restoration opportunities and the chance to partake in the creation of a bioswale. Shedding light will improve water quality, restore habitat and native plant diversity, and provide opportunities for grassroots environmental participation and community building.

Still Creek is one of the few remaining open streams in the City of Vancouver, once home to a vast stream system supporting Pacific salmon species and Indigenous communities. With the majority of the streams piped underground, Still Creek is one of the few remaining places where communities can connect with and appreciate the natural stream system of the land. It is a place to find peace within the Renfrew-Collingwood urban landscape.

Windermere Leadership students removing invasive species - Photo by Emma Warner-Chee (Jan 2020)
Shedding Light was launched in January 2020 and includes various community-engaged stewardship activities such as community creek clean-ups, invasive species removal, native seedling plantings, water, invertebrate and small fish samplings, compost bin creation, monthly public talks, and the creation of a green infrastructure bioswale in collaboration with the City of Vancouver. Shedding Light invites Indigenous knowledge keepers to host stewardship events, public talks and training sessions with staff. This integrates Indigenous teachings providing guidance and perspective throughout the project. 

The project is run in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA), and is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). EYA delivers environmental programming to marginalized youth that includes educating youth on native ecosystems, removing invasive species and planting native shrubs and trees.


Shedding Light: Restoration Work

Shedding Light provides opportunities for community members to act on environmental issues, by participating in hands-on activities such as trash and invasive species removal, native species planting, maintenance and monitoring of newly planted sites, water quality testing, salmon fry release, and more.

Shedding Light: Speaker Series

As part of Shedding Light, we are hosting monthly public educational seminars featuring local stewardship experts. We invite community members to learn about watersheds and the issues impacting them, as well as the role that individuals, communities, and cities play in creating a sustainable future.

If you have questions regarding our Environmental Stewardship Programs, please email Adrian Avendano, Stewardship Programs Manager at To learn about Still Moon’s other events check out our Events Calendar.