The Spectacular Dawn Chorus


To celebrate bird month in Vancouver, our monthly Still Creek Streamkeepers talk brought in local bird expert RedSara to introduce community members to bird language and the dawn chorus, an early morning symphony/cacophony of bird songs. The talk, presented by Sara, was held online on May 21st. Attendees learned about the birds sing early in the morning, the different calls they make, and how to become better listeners and observers of the dawn chorus.

Dawn Chorus Event (May 23rd)

Then, on May 23rd, we invited folks to get up early in the morning to experience the dawn chorus from their location and to record a brief snippet of the sounds so that we could compile them. The dawn chorus event was followed by an online call later that day, where participants shared their experience and discussed the birds they heard.

Thank you to everyone who woke up early and submitted a recording of the dawn chorus from your neighbourhood! We are pleased to present the wonderful sounds that were heard all across the city and the region on May 23rd, plus some additional recordings from before and after the event. We encourage you to take a close listen and see if you can identify the singers. Each recording will feature different birds, so we challenge you to spot the similarities and differences!

Photo by Chao Cheng


Online Talk – Thursday, May 21st, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Dawn Chorus – Saturday, May 23rd

This event was offered as part of the Still Creek Streamkeepers Talk Series. Click here to see the list of talks scheduled for the year.

Speaker Bio:

Sara Ross (RedSara) is a Burnaby-based mother, cyclist, explorer, maker, care-taker of land, harvester & gleaner of wild plants, land defender. She loves birds, and loves the thrill of catching sight of a hunting cooper’s hawk on the wing. She is a former Lead Instructor at Soaring Eagle Nature School, and has worked, studied, and practiced with nature-connection & birds regionally for 20+ years. Sara has led Still Moon Arts’ Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride since its raucous inception. You can visit her website at


Please enjoy the dawn chorus recordings sent in by people from across the region. If you are interested, there is an international Dawn Chorus sound compilation and map where you can listen to bird sounds from all over the world, which were recorded throughout the month of May. Click here to listen.