October 16, 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm PST

Event Description: 

Join us on an exciting exploration of the fungi of Renfrew Ravine with Willoughby Arevalo! Through this event, you will gain an in- depth knowledge on mushroom names, identification, fungal biology & ecology, culinary and medicinal applications, ethical harvesting, and traditional & contemporary uses of mushrooms. Participants will have the opportunity to observe mushrooms holistically, work towards building relationships with them, and learn the active roles that fungi play in symbiosis, succession and regeneration. We will conclude with a meditative, sensory encounter with a mushroom, leading to a writing and portrait of the mushroom.

About Willoughby Arevalo:

Willoughby Arevalo is a mycologist, visual artist, interdisciplinary performer, author and educator. His community-engaged art work engages fungi in the art-making process: thematically, materially, and as active collaborators. To see more about his work please visit: mycelialconnections.net & artandfungi.org

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