Still Moon is hosting bi-monthly sessions for community members to act on environmental issues in a tangible, hands-on way. This includes removal of trash from the creek and surrounding area, removal of invasive species, planting native species, maintenance and monitoring of newly planted sites, water quality testing, and salmon fry release. These activities provide experiential learning and connection to the environment.

Shedding Light, Still Creek Restoration Project, brings together community members, experts, and youth to engage in grassroots environmental protection, specifically in improving the health of Still Creek and its watershed.

About Still Creek

Still Creek is one of the few remaining open streams in the City of Vancouver, once home to a vast stream system supporting Pacific salmon species and Indigenous communities. With the majority of the streams piped underground, Still Creek is one of the few remaining places where communities can connect with and appreciate the natural stream system of the land. It is a place to find peace within the Renfrew-Collingwood urban landscape.

If you have questions regarding our Environmental Stewardship Programs, please email Adrian Avendano, Stewardship Programs Manager at adrian@stillmoonarts.ca. To learn about Still Moon’s other events check out our Events Calendar.